Hi Ladies,

So I am now incredibly concerned. Initially when I saw the first gynae doctor she staged at 3b following EUA and biopsy and such likes. Then I had MRI and PET prior to seeing oncologist. When I saw the oncologist I distinctly remember her saying that I was at a stage 2b. Why then does all my discharge letters from last week and my copy of her consultation letter still say 3b!!!? I am soooo very confused. I know that whatever the number my treatment is still the same but it freaks me out somewhat.

Anybody else had this or any words of wisdom will be gratefully received right now. 


Thanks heaps

Rachel x

Hello sweetheart,

I couldn't say for absolute sure but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it was something to do with a bar code. When you were first diagnosed I expect that your hospital gave you a patient case number, or maybe just a hospital number, and that gets tied in with your National Health Number, which is different from your National Insurance Number. The bar code probably also records your date of birth, the first day of your last period and your initial staging. I expect that this is why your paperwork still says stage 3, because your bar code defines who you are in this modern world. My Greek barcode is besotted with my late father's christian name :-)

Try not to let it concern you.

(((((HUGE HUGS)))))




Hi Rachel. I agree it sounds like a paperwork error however if I was you I would ring and ask for clarification. Have you been asigned a CNS (csncer nurse specialist?). they are there just got this purpose. This whole thing is stressful enough without have uncretain try over your stage. xxxxxx