Hi all I am new to all of this and am extreamly confused.

since I was 16 I have had painful periods, but it wasn't until the birth of my daughter eight years ago that the worst of it started.

i am 28 and married to the man of my dreams, I have two amazing kids aged eight and four. 

But I have no sex life, as it hurts...ALOT. 

i have seen so many doctors that have just told me 'your doing it wrong' or 'relax your to young for anything to be a concern'

but when I tell family or friends that a. Sex hurts, b. It makes me bleed, c. I have never had a regular period, c. I have never used a tampon because to pain is too severe, d. I am crippled for at least two out of four weeks a month use to my periods and lastly e. I am always bloated, never hungry and have severe insomnia even if I feel tired (which is all the time), they tell me it's not normal, I'm not doing anything wrong, and I need to get it looked at.

so finally after not having a pap done for almost 4 years I bit the bullet and went for one under my docs constant nagging. I also then was given a pelvic scan and breast scan ( I have extensive family history of cervical, bowel, breast and ovarian cancer....every female on both mum and dads side have had one or all).

my scan found two cysts one complex and a little bigger than a golf ball and the other only little. And my pap, well it was clear yay.

anyway my doc refferred me to a gyno to get my painful periods investigated as my mother and sister both have had endometriosis. While at the gyno I told her about my lack of a sex life due to my pain and bleeding and even though my pap was clear she wanted another looksie at my cervix. 

now it's only been three weeks since my pap but as soon as she saw up there she started a colpsocpy thing and applied the vinegar stuff and found an abundance of abnormal cells, so therefore she then took two biopsies. 

She never explained why she found cells when my pap was clear, she never told me when I would get my results and just said I would have a laparoscopy, and hystroscopy done within the next six months. 

So now I'm sitting at home looking on google trying to find anyone who has had a clear pap only to have changed cells found so soon after.

did the nurse who did my pap do it wrong? Also when I had both inspections I bled as soon as they touched my cervix, is this normal? Also after the biopsy I have now got my periods 2 weeks early and awfully painfull and debilitating. 


Am am I worrying for nothing, do I have reasons to be concerned or am I another faceless number to a bunch of well paid people who don't really care Either way. I don't know whether to cry. Laugh. Or just break something. 


I'm sorry for what you're going through. Must be confusing and worrying to say the least, and it's not surprising it's affecting you. 

First of all there can be lots of reasons for pain etc during sex. You've mentioned endo and this is one, so it's good that they'll be doing a hystercoscopy and laparoscopy to have a good look. I also had this prior to having abnormal cells (and the same proceudres) and do not believe they were related.

About the smear ... The things is that a smear sweeps some cells from the transformation zone (area where cell changes are most likely to occur). It can depend on how skilled the nurse is, whether enough cells are picked up etc so it's possible the smear can be different what shows up during colposcopy. This is a more thorough, detailed examination and they can look at the whole cervix properly. So the abnormal cells may have been there before but not picked up.  

Can you ring the doctor/clinic to find out when your biopsy results will be ready? At least you won't be quite so in the dark then. It does sound as if the doctor is being thorough in looking into your symptoms. While an understandably anxious time for you, it's good they are looking into everything so they can hopefully find out what is causing your symptoms. 

All the best, let us know how you get on.

Thank you for your reply, I have been urged by a close friend who has had cc to call the clinic and ask how long it will take with my results as I was never properly informed on the day.

since the exam I have started my period (like straight away spotting just full blown river running) and the pain is so bad I spent most of the day and night yesterday in bed with a heat pack in the foetal position. Every time I sit too do no.1 or no.2 it feels like I'm being forced to give birth all over again and leaves me breathless and in tears...this is how my periods are normally, and reading online I hear this isnt normal? 

Is it normal to start a period right after an exam even when I am not due for another two weeks (if I was regulat) I only had them recently. 


I rang my old docs and asked for the result of my 2010 pap but they told me they had no results on file and since the doc I saw retired the day after my pap they don't know how to get them for now I am wondering if maybe those might have shown something...and could cells change much in the four years between paps? 

I think my mind is becoming my own worst enemy and all the what ifs are plaguing my thoughts. Hopefully soon I will have the answers I need and will be ok. But the six month wait for the laparoscopy and the hystroscopy is going to be hard. 

I'm sorry you're suffering with another heavy period. Having experienced heavy periods and severe pain myself I understand how debilitating it can be. Like you, I only felt ok 2 weeks out of every month. My pain started with ovulation. I don't have it any more since as my situation has bee looked into medically (it wasn't anything serious) and a solution has been found. But I'm really sorry that no one has sent you for investiagtions up till now as no should have to live with such pain and bleeding.

I'm glad your friend has suggested ringing the clinic to find out when your biopsy results will be ready. At least then you'll know what's happening with the abnormal cells. Cells can change in between smear which is why women are encouraged to go for their smear test. Depending how severe the cell changes are, it may be that they'll recommend treatment to remove the cells but hopefully you'll know soon.

The waiting for tests and results and not knowing is definitely one of the worst parts, I do feel for you. Take care.