Confused :-(

Hi Ladies,


I went for my six monthly routine smear Monday 7th April. I bled on contact which worries me as this hasn't happened to me before. So as many of us have, i had the horrible wait for the results. Yay, my results came back clear....... But then last noght i had a call from the Dr surgery saying that she has booked me an appointment at the colposcopy clinic. She said she is just being cautious given my history, but she is the same nurse i have seen all previous times and this is the first time that she has refered me (on good results). I am now starting to panic what the reasons for her doing this are.

I have had abnormal bleeding, bleeding a few times after sex, a positive pregnancy test (Not pregnant, not trying...just felt off so tested) need to pee more frequently and i keep getting sharp pains. Have any of you experienced anything like this and been ok?? I'm doing my best not to google it. lol

Any help/advice would be great. Thank you.



i see this post is from couple weeks ago , hope you got all clear and are well now :)

Sandra x