Confused ?

Hi I am hoping someone can help give me info on this please. 

I have posted something similar to this before but today I have seen my consultant and I feel really upset.

I have a son who is nearly 4 and I would like to try for another baby. In 2012 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I had a radical trachelectomy (removal of the cervix).

At the time of my operation I was told by my consultant that I have kept my fertility and he has treated women who have gone onto having children, and I would have to have a c section but that doesn’t bother me as I had a c section with my son. 

I have been searching the net for women similar to me that have gone onto having children and their experiences. What I have read hasn't been the best help and somewhat scary. I have found that baby would have to be born at 36 weeks; you have a higher risk of miscarriage, a high risk of pre labour and so on. 

Today I had my yearly smear and wanted more info on being pregnant. I didn’t see my consultant which sometime I don’t; I see who ever is on shift. During my appointment there was also a professor in the room and I was asked if I am trying for a baby? I told them no not at the moment but I was thinking about trying later this year but I would like more information as I haven’t been told much.

The professor told me that they don’t actually know much themselves as it’s only been in the last 5 or more years they have been able to offer women this operation to be able to keep their fertility, and the doctors are learning more as they go along so basically we are experiments for them. I was told as soon as I fall pregnant they would give me a scan and decided if to insert a stitch but I already have one. I was told that the risk of conceiving is slightly lower as a normal woman, the risk of miscarriage is higher and also the risk of premature labour is higher as well.

I was asked about my periods which are every 28 days and the professor seemed surprised and said to me well all is good that’s a great sign. He also said if there is a way out there must defiantly be a way in (I assume he was referring to the blood being able to escape and sperm being able to get in?)

He also told me that I would properly have to go a hospital which isn’t local to me but more equip.

The reason I am upset is because I obviously don’t want to go through the experience of a miscarriage, the thought of having a premature baby really scares me as I’ve seen a friend go through it and also travelling to and from a hospital which isn’t local. Is this fair on me and my family?


I am desperately looking for someone who has been through this and their experience. I hope people reading this don’t think im being selfish I am very lucky to be able to have 1 child already. Thank you for taking ur time to read this 

Hiya what a awful predicament to be in, first off iv not been in the situation you have been in, however I am high risk for premature birth and miscarriage so thought I would speak to tou

in regards to that, I have three beautiful children my yongest is 8 months she was born at 36 weeks and she was fine she had to have a little stay in hospital but this is only because my waters broke two days before I went in and I never knew they had went so she needed antibiotics, 37 weeks is classed as full term, plus with all the excellent medical care they have these days it's amazing how far medical things have came on, if you were to go on and have another child you know they will do everything for you including keeping an eye on you more so then your average woman, only you and your husband can decide weather you think the travelling is fair on your family I hope it all works out 



Thank u Lola very kind words. X