Hello went for a colposcopy today, they took three biopsies but no treament today. I had already told the consultant i have been having irregular bleeding during and after sex but he advised that i go on the pill!  I watched everything on the screen but got quite worried when all i seen was a very large white area around the cervix, so have to wait for biopsi results now. Im 25 by the way.

Hi Kittykat,

I didnt want to just read and run. Dont forget that image you see is magnified so the area isnt as big as it looks :-) i think the abnormal cells turn white when they have the solution put on them and remember abnormal cells does not mean it is cancer. Its likely to be a few weeks before you get your results find yourself something to keep you occupied time will soon fly by you will see. I had my first smear at 23 and 2nd one in Nov last year (28yrs) i was apparently 2 years late for mine so got a telling off!

Keep us posted on your results, lots of ladies going through different stages of cervical cancer so take some comfort in that your not alone in this.


Thank you Trudes, I felt ok earlier but I'm worrying a bit now. Had a colposcopy just over a year ago which was an awful experience as then when he put that solution on my cervix just poured with blood, only bled a little this time but back then I did have a few white areas but they seem to have multiplied a lot. I was refused a smear before as I was under 25

kat x

Hi Kat,

I hate that they are refusing smears because of age, as i have been learning about cc i am reading posts on ladies being diagnosed on their first smear!

Its going to be a couple of weeks before you get the results, i think my biopsy took 6 weeks because of xmas and then another 4 weeks for an appointment for surgery. Hopefully they get back to you soon waiting is always the worse part!

Try not to think about it, find something to do to fill your spare time. This site will help you get through whatever is thrown your way, some amazing ladies on here and lots of stories to read.

Stay strong and fingers crossed for you hun xx

Keep us posted xx


Hiya, so sorry you're going through this and the waiting is horrific! 

I had my colposcopy done last Monday, he couldn't do any treatment so took two punch biopsies, I rang then yesterday

and he has the results but the receptionist wouldn't tell me anything because the consultant had not signed them

the whole of my cervix has CIN3 on it and CIN2 my consultant was an absolute disgrace in the way he acted with me so much so iv put a complaint in about him something I would

never normally do but in his JoB and considering what he is doing his whole attitude and manner were awful so much so I was in tears before I was even on the bed! 

try not to worry too much I know it's easier said then done beleive me but iv found using this website has helped me deal with days when I feel like screaming and the waiting is driving me nuts! 


Hopefullly you'll have your results quicker then te stated time 



Thanks Lola im feeling a lot better this morning with things. Im sorry to hear you have had a bad expierience yourself and i hope you recieve your results soon and that its good news for you.

Kat xx