I don't know whether I've put this in the right section but after reading some posts I'm hoping someone on here can help me as I'm getting the usual 'let's wait for histology before we discuss anything further!' My story starts like this... I'm 31 and had an abnormal smear in Oct 2012, I went for colposcopy and was told I had CIN 1 after taking a small sample, no treatment was required and I had my next smear in April 2013 which was clear (????). I was then brought back for another colposcopy in October 2013 and was told thAt the cells were a level higher (CIN2) and I needed a LLETZ which I couldn't have done under local as the pain was horrendous so earlier this month I had it done under GA. The consultant who came to speak to me was very somber and said it was not what they were expecting and was much worse, my discharge letter says sudden high grade changes and ?Microinvasion. I am not asking the meaning of the medical terms as I'm well aware!! However has anyone else been in the situation where the consultant has practically told you they've seen probable cancerous cells and written similar notes down and what were the next steps/treatments? Even if it wasn't microinvasion.. ??? I have done my homework and to be honest after the shock of the potential severity of the situation I'm not scared and am very positive! I haven't got kids and have never really had any feelinga that I'd ever want any as I'm single and used to being in very high powered careers.. My initial thought is that if there's even 1 cancerous cell there I want the lot out as I don't want to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life in case it returned... Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!! 

Hello there.  My situation is different to yours, however If I were in your position at this point I would  have the lot out too!   The less that's in there the better. Again my situation is different and I do already have a family therefore only you can make the decision on how to go forward should you require treatment.  Once you know  the results for sure and if treatment of any kind is required or recommended, make your decision then.


Thanks Sharon,

i think my mind is made up for if it is cc... Any other news and I'll make calculated decisions on what they say... It's so nice to find this site and realise I'm not alone!!! Just very suspicious on how my April smear was clear and then in October they think cin1-2 and now it's cin3 ?microinvasive!! That needs some explanation I think!!!! Kat xx