I had my first colposcopy appointment feb 2012, graded me cin 1 and decided to leave them and check up 1 yrar later. I never recieved a reminder and ended up having a smear 18 months later which came back high drade. Went to colposcopy, had them removed and a biopsy. When i asked the doctor which cin it had developed too she wudnt tell me, she just said they got worse and she had managec to remove them all. This has made me paranoid cos why wudnt she tell ! Its been 3 weeks today and not got letter yet. Did everyone else get told what cin it was at the colposcpy? Thanks x

Merry Christmas hunni I did not no witch cin I was till I got my letter no news is good news hun xxxx

Hi, I didn't know what cin it was till I got my letter either. Try not to worry, as Katie said no news is good news.  

Cheryl, xx

I had cin3 and they told me that after my smear results came back, before my colposcopy. Maybe she didn't tell you because she didn't know. If you're worried give them a call to chase xx

Hi Tank86 

How did you get told of your CC diagnosis, as im still waiting for my biopsy results which i was told i would recieve by letter?