I have had crazy things going on but cannot figure out why. It started with my period coming sooner and sooner every month for the past 4-5 months. But about 4 or 5 days before I start, I have a large amount of brown discharge for several days. The brown discharge doesn’t concern me except that it lasts for so long and it is always random. Then my periods started becoming more painful and not lasting as long as they normally do. I am normally on my period 4-5 days but they have been getting shorter and shorter and heavier and heavier and more painful. Last month, I got a severe migraine the day before I started and then I was in constant pain nonstop for the 2 days my period lasted then it went away. It was extreme cramping and heavy bleeding. Not like I have ever had before. The headache was very odd for me as well. I was throwing up in pain. Now I am cramping almost every day. I have diarrhea very unexpectedly most days, I get random pink discharge, sex has started to feel painful, like a raw feeling?? It is so weird! I had a pap smear 3 days ago, everything came back ok. I also had a regular ultrasound done and everything was ok with that, I’m assuming. I had a leep procedure done about 9 years ago and I had no symptoms with that. I just want to figure out what is wrong so I can feel better!! Any help or advice is appreciated!