I am just confused on what’s going on. For about 4 or 5 months now, my period have been changing. Arriving sooner and sooner every month. Last month I got a bad migraine the day before I started. That period was so painful and only last 2 days. My periodsnuse to last 4-5 days. Now I am having random cramping, random discharge and pink liquid, pain during sex (raw feeling) etc. I had my pap a few days ago and bleed quiet a bit afterwards. Pap and HPV came back fine. I have no idea what’s going on!

Hey Chelsea!

I'm pretty new here myself and just waiting on results for my own symptoms, but it's certainly OK to go back in to see a doctor and let them know you're still having symptoms like this -- It would be nice to see if they can do some testing for endometriosis as that can potentially cause a lot of the symptoms you mention.  As far as I have understood, it's not often detected by a PAP so it could be a possibility!  :) 

I have been recording my symptoms just to be able to track things better, but I find it's helpful not to worry too much and I sometimes have to remind myself to relax and breathe when I start worrying about what it *could* be instead of just dealing with what I can do right now to be helpful, which is keep track of the symptoms, and get booked in to the doctor to pursue diagnosis of whatever's going on.  :)

Hope that helps!