Hi I am new to this so shall introduce myself, my name is Amanda and I have 2 children 7yrs and 1 yrs old, married 

I went for my regular smear test and got letter to say I needed to have further investigation and would have a colposcopy 

had my colposcopy in April 8 weeks later I get a letter to say I would need further treatment, the letter doesn’t say what they have found or what the treatment will be, I called the hospital but they seemed very reluctant to tell me anything should I be worried????

Hi Amanda 

I’m sorry you find yourself on here, it’s so worrying. Did they do any treatment at your colposcopy? 

It may be that you have some abnormalities that have not been totally removed by the initial colposcopy. These abnormalities may not be cancerous. I’d be hoping if it was cancer they would’ve been in touch before now. My sample went non urgent as they did not think cancer, however my consultant got a call from the pathologist a week later to advise of result and to ensure it wasn’t missed.

Do you have a date for your next appointment? 


I managed to get hold of a nurse yesterday who told me I was to have the lletz treatment but couldn’t tell me my results from my biopsy as the specialist wasn’t there?!? Surely they are on the computer and if she was able to tell what treatment I was to get she would know my results??? Are they just not telling me????

at the colposcopy they took 3 biopsy’s but the nurse said she wasn’t concerned and didn’t expect to see me back..... now I have an appointment for 4 weeks time to go for lletz but I still don’t know my results


we won’t they tell me?????

It’s so frustrating. To be fair I suspect the nurse is possibly not allowed to discuss the results as she may not be the right person to be able to answer any questions. You should really have an appointment with a doctor to discuss the results of your original biopsies and ongoing treatment. Was it a nurse who took your biopsies? You could make an appointment at the GP to discuss them or if you’re seeing a doctor for your Lletz phone and see if you can get an appointment with them? 

It just makes the worrying worse! 

I have to say that they wouldn’t give me my results over the phone but my consultant was very accommodating and saw me the same day to discuss (I was meant to be seeing her 4 days later but I called her secretary and asked to see her before.



Yes it was a nurse I spoke to and she said because the specialist wasn’t there she didn’t have my results but the specialist will explain all at the start of my appointment so guess I shall wait until then to find out

That’s rubbish that you can’t speak to anyone before 4 weeks! It’s so anxiety inducing. 

Good luck when your appointment comes xxxx

Thanks i shall let you know what happens