Had my smear done  5 week after had leep done its been three week now and the worst of it all is the waiting about im so scared what it will say when it comes bk ! Ive been trying for a baby for 4 years now an was woundering if any of this could effect pregnany i have pcos will this make ig harder or not ? I dont know this year has been the worst ever but i dont think id cope knowing i could  not have kids  sigh 

Hi Kim. The loop (is this what you meant?) won't make any difference to you getting pregnant. It seems to be a very common procedure as since I had mine, I've found out 6 other people I know well have had it! T

The fact you have waited so long for your results makes me think they have found nothing otherwise they would have contacted you by now. If you look at people's history on here, almost all had results of loop very quickly who actually had cancer. I had mine back in 2 wks 3 days.

If I was you, I would ring for your results. When I left the hospital after I had mine, the nurse told me to ring them if I hadn't heard in 5 or 6 weeks. Hope all turns out well Donna x