I was recently diagnosed 1b1.  I'm really say the least.  I had a small bump on my cervix that was seen during an examination with my regular OBGYN.  It was sent for a biopsy, which came back cancer.  I went to see an OB oncologist.  He also examined me...based on just examination and the oncologist talking to the pathologist...he determined 1b1.  I was sent for a PET scan...the PET result showed no activity in my cervix.  If it's cancerous, wouldn't the PET show activity?  However, I'm still diagnosed 1b1 based on the visible lession.  It was recommended that I get a radical hysterectomy since I'm done having children.  I'm just very confused about the conflicting results...and so nervous about the radical.  I read horror stories on other boards from people who have had them done.  I'm 35 and have a 3 year old and 3 month old.