Hi, I am new here. In Dec 2013 I had CIN 2 and CIN3. I wasn't able to get it treated until about 9 mths later. : ( I had Cryo in Sept of 2014. Here is the interesting part. A couple of months before I was diagnosed I had an IUD put in. Paragard. in mid 2014 I had a little bit of a weird feeling around my IUD (I had a terrible experiance with it. I couldn't tell if it was the IUD or something else. That was around June that started to happen. In Sept, I told the doctor about my symptoms which were the feeling of being poked, sometimes a slight burning, and sometimes there was just a feeling of something areound my cervix. He said that it might be the IUD but the cryo would take care of the cells and would be good as new. It wouldn't be cervical cancer. Needless to say, I have had that issue on and off since I had the IUD and after Cryo. I was very faintly bleeding after sex and sometimes I would get that burning feeling afterward. I went back to the doctor and Got diagnosed with vaginatis. I was treated and it went away. But this feeling keeps coming back. I finally decided to get rid of the IUD and dumped it in August. I went back on the pill.  I told him about the same symtoms and they thought I had an infection. My IUD was removed, they did a pap, and gave me anti-biotics. All of my symptoms went away. Then test results came back and PAp was normal and no sign of infection. I was fine, no issues.  He said that everything looked fine. He also said my IUD was a little disloged and he had a heck of a time getting out due to a too short of string. Then I didn't have any sex until Oct when I visted my boyfriend who is out of state. All was fine and ever since then my symptoms are back. Except the very faintly bleeding and only had one incident of uncomfortable sex but it quickly diminished. Since I have been back, I have had that same feeling in the Cervix on and off or around it. Sometimes nothing, sometimes a slight burning, sometimes it just feels like there is just something sitting there but most of the time i don't have that feeling at all. It's really weird. Could this be Cervical Cancer or something else? I am going to be making an appointment this week to go back in but this really worries me. Did the pap missing something and did the Cryo not work and tjhey didn't get all the cells. During Cryo and IUD insertion it was at planned parenthood. Then I have had two regular Gyno's in the last 2 years. The first one called Cryo barbaric and everything was normal. HEr office closed so I just started with a new Gyno. This is just a nightmare.  Thanks for the help! 


Oh, and Im yearly getting tested for STD's and I don't have any. I know it's not that.