i had several punch biopsies today . The nurse said she couldn't see anything so took them randomly. They said they will discuss at MDT in September what to do next as it may mean the high grade changes are higher up. I'm not sure what this means ? Is it good nothing showed ? I'm also wondering if my period affected this as they said as I was on day 5 they could still go ahead ? They also gave me an appointment for three months time but said the appointment will be bought forward if biopsies show anything. 


Has as anyone had a colposcopy that showed nothing visually but then came back positive ? Thanks

Hi. Did the nurse mean she couldn't see any abnormal cells or just couldn't see? I'm asking because at my colposcopy the nurse couldn't see higher up my cervix so she did the LLETZ procedure to be on the safe side. Those results came back with CGIN which are the cells higher up in your cervix, so I'm glad she was being precautious.


I think she was saying she couldn't see any abnormal cells so the cells found on my smear might be higher up and they can't see them on colposcopy. She took random biopsies just in case. But they need to discuss with team as to what to do next. I'm nervous that the cells were found but nothing done as yet. But on the other hand if not seen is it ok ? 

Hi Sweepie, 


It does sound like what she meant was she could not see anything abnormal, but to be on the safe side, took some samples. 

When I had my colposcopy, the doctor pointed out the areas that looked different. He also said he could see abnormalities leading into the canal, which is why I had LLETZ.   

I would say keep calling them, don't feel bad about it at all!! And try not to stress too much! I know this is easier said said than done.