I was wondering if someone can give a little light on what i should expect, the waiting game is getting me now.

I had a colposcoy on the 8th June, Doctor called me to make an emergancy appointment to see him 21st June. In the appointment he explained that the biospy results shown that what was removed was actual cancer. he wanted to do another bisposy. The 2nd biospy i had was on the 4th July.  As i was leaving he basically sent he would be touch. I havent heard anything yet.


Is no news good news.


Scared and confused Frown.


Hope someone can give me some ideas and help me.


Natasha. 28 years old.



sorry to hear you are still waiting I dunno what the average time is. do you have a phone number to get a hold of his secretary or reception?

waiting around is the worst! 

 i had a biopsy but then needed a cone biopsy under GA so perhaps he got it all in your last biopsy? Did he mention lletz or possible further treatment? X 

You need to chase him up! i was ringing my Macmillan nurse almost every day asking for the results!