Confused with results

HI I am new to this forum and this is my story so far I went for my first smear test 12months ago and it came back as cin3 i underwent letz to remove the cells and everything seemed fine I went for my 2nd smear test 4 months ago and was sent to colposcopy because i had low grade change they took some biopsy samples and I have just recieved my letter today. It says the samples do not show evidence of a pre cancer change but we're too small for an adequate diagnosis to be made so we will need you to come back to clinic. I'm so confused and this happened to anyone else before? Also I have a letter attachted saying under the nhs constituation you have the right to start your non urgent consultant within a Maximum of 18 weeks or where cancer is suspected to be seen by a cancer specialist within 2 weeks

I think it means they want you back for a second opinion, they should contact you in due course, or you could contact them to explain things better.

I think the latter just means they should see you within 18weeks as they dont suspect cancer :-) 

Hope you dont have a too long a wait :-) x