Confused with results

Hello ladies,

I firstly want to say that this forum is amazing and I think its great that something like this is available for us to post on.

All I can say is wow this has been an absolute whirdwind of a week for me. This is a long post I am warning you ahead of time. I have always got my paps regularly, but admittedly I was overdue this time by 7 months but seeing as I've always had normal paps I wasnt concerned. Fastforward two weeks and I was called in urgently to my GP who said I had very abnormal results. HPV16/18 positive as well as adenocarcinoma in situ. Needless to say I was shocked and had no idea what this even meant and was quite upset. I also work with breast cancer patients so my mind went into overdrive thinking what this might mean for me. I am only 30 and have literally only just started having a chat with my husband about having children and we had agreed to start at the end of this year, only for this to happen. 

I was told I would have to wait 4 weeks for an appointment for a public appointment and after two days I realized there was no way I could wait that long as my mind was going into overdrive. I managed luckily to get in with a gyno within two days  for a colposcopy. When I went into the appointment she asked if I knew the implications of my diagnosis, to which I replied, I know its indicating in situ at the moment but that this could possibly show more. Her response was - no your pap smear says you have at least stage 1 cerivcal cancer, did the GP not mention this? I said ummm no she definietly kept repreating in situ as I was crying. Anyway so obviously this was another huge shock for me. I asked her worst case and she said given no symptoms and a clear pap 2.5 years ago that I still had a small chance of being stage 2 and explained the treatment options for this. I asked ALOT of questions before the biopsy and literally went into it shaking, not only because I was so nervous about the procedure but also because I had just been told my pap smear showed I had cancer and this would be indicating how bad it could be.

However, when the gyno went to do the colposcopy she said she was extremely surprised because there was nothing very sinister on my cervix. Yes, I had some abnormal cells, but only on 1/4 of my cervix and these, to her, definitely did not look cancerous. This gyno is one of the best we have, and I was only able to get in to her so quick because of a family connection and my parents both trust her 100% with what she says. As we had the consult after the appointment she said she was shocked at what she saw, because she had seen a lot of cancer before and mine did not look like this and she was almost 95% sure that my pap smear results had been reported wrong. Obviously this was amazing to hear, seeing as I had just been told I definitely had cancer 15 mins earlier but was just a huge shock of emotions. She said in her opinion by cells were only pre-cancerous and if they were cancerous they would have to be microscopic and at the earliest level. She was going to contact the path lab and ask for my pap results to be reviewed by the head of department.

I actually dont know how or what to feel. This has been a huge shocked to me and just such up and down and conflicting results. Has anyone actually had anything like this happen before? Told it was worse than it actually ended up being? Obviously I came out of there feeling better than before, but I am still super wary that she could have got it wrong and it really is cancer. However, I am holding on to the hope that what she said is true and it really is a wrong diagnosis. Regardless I will need treatment and I am fine with that, but the waiting now is killing me. 

I had the opposite. I had the gyno assuring me nothing was wrong. Even when my pap came back abnormal, she wasn’t concerned because my cervix looked good. My tumor was further up inside of the cervical canal so it did not affect the outside of my cervix in any way. In fact I had normal Pap tests previously due to the fact that it was higher up. I had glandular cells show up in the pap. She was going to put it off for another 6 months and I was adamant about not waiting and jumping straight to a colposcopy. During the colposcopy she went much deeper and was able to get a sample, and that’s when I got the news :(

Hi Nm_353,

I am so sorry to hear you went through that - how awful but also good on you for insisting on getting a colposcopy done and not waiting 6 months! From your signature I can see that you are finished all treatment and have had no evidence of disease since then which is great. 

I have a follow-up appointent to talk about surgery which I am anxious to get to but as always there is wait times... luckily in Aus its not too long of a wait. 

Thanks for the reply xxx