Confused with my options

Hi I had a radical trachelectomy January 2012. At the time of my diagnoses I had a son who was 18 months old. I feel bless I have had the chance to have a child and extremely lucky. Me and my partner decided we would like to try for baby no 2, we have been trying for 4/5 months now and nothing has happened so far. My periods have gone from regular every 28 days to now 32 34 or 35 days. I have brought a home ovulation test and have been testing every day and unfortunately still nothing. I have noticed recently not only have my periods change in cycle wise but also day 1 I get red blood, day 2 nothing at all, day 3 dark brown and day 4 dark brown. They have became more painful and my boobs are also really painful. I have never suffered from painful periods or boobs during my period. I understand my body has been through an awful lot, I was told by my consultant many months before trying for a baby it could take me longer to concieve. Does anyone have any advice please. I'm due to see my consultant next month and I have been doing some research or a drug u can take to help u ovulate more. Also does anyone know if it months to come if I have till not fallen pregnant if any other options would be available for me ? Such as IVF and also would I have to pay for IVF. I'm only 27 so my age is not against me. TIA

Hi Monty2012, I had the same operation in December 2012.  Myself and husband have been trying for 9 months (we don't have any other children) we've had all the relevant tests and have seen 2 specialists (both London based) - both have told us to keep trying and not to worry - their adivce (i quote) Even having had a trachelectomy, there's no reason why we can't conceive naturally.

In terms of IVF - are you in the UK?  It all depends on where you live, certain trusts will all have different "rules" about how many cycles are covered on the NHS.  You'll need to speak to your GP.  However, as you've only been trying for 4/5 months, that's way down the line for you!

All the best with your journey


Thanks Porkins.  Yes I am UK based in Birmingham. Just so confused as I have found info online of people who have had same diagnoses as me and same treatment and they r talking about IVF.  IVF has never been mentioned 2 me so I'm very confused. Also I have been told through a friend of a drug that app u can have if u have been trying for 6 months plus to help u produce more eggs. Has anyone ever been given this option. I just find information online very limited x

Hi sorry to hijack your post but I'm about to have my cervix removed and have been told by the doctor that I won't be able to carry a baby and will almost always miscarry.. I'm so confused and upset and don't know what to believe after reading everyone's experiences.

Any advise would be amazing x