Confused with eveythin

Hi all,
Just need to let off some confusion and hopefully get some advice please.
1996 smear…abnormal cells pregnant
1997 colp app/ CN1 app eventually every six months aftrr two years normal
2009 rrf to gynae with pains and crazy. periods, had exam found a small adnexal mass I think it was called. Had a scan told it was small cysts on ovarys and discharged.
2009-2011 constantly anaemic locum doc q. It I just said been like this for years. Ref back to Gynae. Two weeks later got an ap with
consult, was sent for a scan of pelvis two weeks later was given an external then internal one…sonographer stayed in one spot for ages asked her if small cysts qas still there and she just said my consult would give me results an app arrived for two weeks to see consult who told me they’d found a mass in my pelvis but couldnt tell me what it was but id need an in-depth laparosc and to sign a consent form. Two weeks later had the op told me my right ovary is enlarged, I asked why? Is it norm and they said yes some people just have it…6monthly app 4 months ago asked how my marina was of it had stopped bleeding etc told her no so my next app was sched for march as they said they only opt to stop ot was spmething similar to a hysterc can’t remember the procedure basically once its done id never be able to have anymore kids, so she said give it another six months and see if you have made the decision, low and behold my routone smear was due not thurs just gone but thurs before so whilst there we decided its now or never so I asked for coil to be removed. Was told results would be back in two weeks, the 23rd got a lettr of gp asking could I go to the surgery which I did today. To be asked if Id had a letter of Hospital…receptionist says she needed to email the nurse, then after five mins she states she’s going to see her…they both return and tell me my results are cn2 to phone colpos which I did and they said they’d ref me to womens hosp. …so confused…should I be worried? Please be honest. …what should I ask? Is this norm all tge above? So so worried…I have bleeding constant, terrible pelvic pains, terrible bloating and swollen stomach…weeing all the time and most rec discharge am driving myself nuts on google: -(

Sorry for waffling and thanks for reading, hope it all makes sense too as I tried to make it short but readable x

Hi Nikita,

I just wanted to say try not to worry. It sounds like you have been through it over the years. Its easy to let our minds run away with us but please remember CIN2 is not cancer and fingers crossed they'll treat it quickly and easily. Best of luck.