Confused - visual prognosis?

I’ve been bleeding since last September some days it’s tiny spots other days it’s quite heavy ( sorry for TMA) especially after intercourse. I had the marina coil fitted in 2003, so my periods had become pretty much non existent. Once every now and then. I kind of put off going to the doctor until today, due to me being a little embarrassed. But I now can’t make it through the night without urinating about 3 times and it is becoming quite annoying. I also have pain during intercourse, and can only do it in certain positions (im sorry TMI) anyway today I went to my doctor explained everything, and I had my examination, she looked at my cervix took swobs and sat me down to tell me I had a patch on my cervix which is cause for concern. She then sent me for bloods and has sent an urgent referral to a gyno. To be seen within 2 weeks as she was a little worried about cancer. I’m a little concerned can you tell from visual observation of the cervix? Has anyone else ever had the same? X

Hi Viclou 

I've just posted about this on another thread (colposcopy forum) please see my post below, I'm worried too but hoping it's just precautionary!


2 week referral following visual examination

Hi all
I'm wondering if anyone has been referred for a colposcopy on a 2 week cancer referral following a visual examination only?

I've had a contraceptive implant in for 2.5 years and have only recently (past 3 months) began bleeding/spotting sporadically. I have also been experiencing pain when urinating and increased frequency/urgency despite having no infection present.

I had a smear performed on Tuesday at which the nurse said my cervix didn't "look normal" and she booked me in to be reviewed by my GP today.

I've been to my appointment today at which I've had another smear-like examination performed and an internal. My GP has referred me to the colposcopy clinic via a 2 week urgent referral.

I've been reading posts on here but many people have had abnormal results from their smear prior to being referred for further investigation. Is there anyone who has been referred following their visual examination ahead of abnormal results being reported?

I'm very worried that being referred following just a visual could mean bad news is on the horizon!


I experienced something similar. I went to my doctor for abnormal post sex bleeding and pain. She recommended I have an exam/pap that day, so when she went to start that she looked at me and told me she was concerned at the appearance of my cervix and that she would send me for colposcopy (before my smear results were back).

I got my smear results back before my colposcopy appointment date, and the results were only moderate abnormal cells, but I had my colposcopy and biopsy anyway.

I still don't have my results back from the biopsy, but I'm hoping this makes you feel better, as my doctor worried me a lot with her concern and telling me it visually didn't look good, but my results were not severe (I don't have cancer).

Don't worry yourself too much, many things can cause cervical changes. Don't fret until you have a proven reason to (and hopefully you never will have to)!