confused results

Hello ladies. I am going through very hard time at the moment and I am very confused with  results of my smear test, but let's start from the beginning.

i had my first smear test in 2009 - negative , 2010 - negative, 2013 - negative , 2015 -May negative and 2015 August positive test with possible CIN1.

Attended Colposcopy on 13th October and nurse told me that she thinks that my cervix is in CIN3 stage and she booked me appointment for LLETZ.

i am so nervous at the moment that I can't really think straight and I wonder how is that possible that all past test I had negative reso but now suddenly I am in Cin3. How is possible that previous screaning didnt show anything??

in this case maybe I am more advance then Cin 3? People are saying that test is as good as a person who is taking it and hey never give you 100% so what is actually the chance of me having cancer? now I am so worried and start having all the symptoms. My lower back hurts a lot. 

I am very worried that once they will do LLETZ and will and it to check i may and up having cancer cells. 


Try not to allow your brain to run away with you, cin3 is a pre cancerous cell and will take many year to turn in to cancer, many people here have positive stories from cin3 cells :) usually from lletz treatment usually gets rid of the cells x be positive x