Confused - Post LEEP

Hi Ladies, 

I had my LEEP procedure last Tuesday, the 11th. I received my results this past Saturday, stating that the margins were not clear. Again, the nurse delivering my results seemed very unsure of herself, I probed her for answers but she just seemed confused. I scheduled my post-op follow up for January 11th, and was told that I would have to be screened and go through all of this again in 6 months. 

My question is, I have read on here that other women have received news that they would have a 6 month follow up, but their news was good? Why do they have a 6 month follow up if they got clear margins and happy results? I thought the 6 month follow up was for when the margins were not clear or the doctor was unhappy with the results? 

I am so confuseed and I'm driving myself crazy. I will say that I did the LEEP in the office and not under GA and I regret that whole heartedly. I will definitely opt for the GA next time. Unforunately for me, there will be a next time. 

I'm going to be 33 and have now realized that this is going to greatly reduce the chance of my ever having children. That in and of itself has been a rather hard pill to swallow. Not that I had any plans to conceive any time soon, but to think that I may not ever be able to because of this is something entirely different.

Sorry, I know I'm all over the place. I'm just sad. Overwhelmingly sad.