Confused please help

Ive just come back from my colposcopy appointment. The doctor said that i am in between cin1 and cin 2. She took 2 biopsies and said i dont have to see her for 6 months. Why did she take the biopsies and what are they for? Also got horrible pain which feels like period pain, have taken paracetmol but still hurts.... any idea how long this pain will go on for?

Hi Griggsy, don't worry, sounds like the experience I had this time last year. If they suspect the abnormalities are low risk i.e. CIN1 they tend not to do any treatment and instead wait to see if your body clears it on its own. For CIN2/3 they usually opt to remove the area as a safeguard against any future problems. They will analyse your biopsies to confirm the grading of your abnormalities and then let you know by post in about 4 weeks what the next action will be. Hopefully you will just go back in 6 months time for a follow up, but don't worry if you do need treatment. I am due to have treatment next week and there are so many ladies on here who can give brilliant help and advice. Take care xx

Oh, and as for the pain, that is to be expected. I had some aches and pains for a couple of days after my biopsies and also some bleeding for about a week but it's nothing to worry about unless you start losing more than you would on a 'normal' period. Keep taking your paracetamol and rest up - you'll be fine :) xx

Thankyou very much for replying and making things a little clearer. Hopefully i wont need treatment as i am going back to my ship on saturday (i work on a cruise ship). Ill top up on paracetmol then. thanks again!


i had a biopsy last Tuesday and felt dreadful afterwards, like a bad period and same sort of bleeding. I was still so sore by Friday that I popped to docs to ask for stronger painkillers. He discovered that I had a temperature and put me on antibiotics just to be on the safe side. I was glad I had gone!

I think it's unusual to get an infection, but do be careful. Look after yourself and if you're still concerned on Friday get an appointment before you go off again on Saturday. Better safe than sorry. 

Take care, Mollz

Thankyou mollz for the reply. Pain went by the next day but the doctor i had understood my situation of working on ships and gave me a course of antibiotics just incase of infection anyway. Now its just a case of waiting for the results. x