Confused over +ve HPV but normal results



Just wondering if anyone would be able to give me a bit of advice, had my 2nd smear test 9 days ago (1st test normal back in 2010). Just got results today and it's come back HPV positive but no abnormalities detected. I have to go back for another smear in one year. I thought that tests only checked for HPV if the cytology showed up some abnormalities. Really confused as to what's going on.

On a side note I have been experiencing minor bleeding (pale in colour) off and on since the smear (no pains) and was aware at the time the cervical brushing did seem rougher and took longer than my last one. 

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hello :)

I think if they detect the HPV then they will have to let you know as HPV (depending on what strain) has the potential to trun cells abnormal. I think they may have just carried it out for your own piece of mind in case in the future you have some cell changes? If you're unsure, contact the nurse who done the smear for you & I'm sure she will answer any questions you may have :) I done the same thing & she was really helpful.

I had my smear come back as abnormal with high risk HPV but when going to my colposcopy they told me everything looked fine & that they think it's just the virus that is present. It's all a bit confusing sometimes & a lot of the time they need to be more specific because we all end up with questions unanswered. 

Sorry I couldn't be more help! Xxx

I wouldnt panic as it must be low hpv else you would be booked in for a coloscopy. Like dani said i would call tbe doctors and have them explain it to you. It will help ease your mind xxx

thanks for both of your comments, very much appreciated.

I did wonder about strains/ low and high risk HPV as there's no mention of what type of HPV I have in my letter, just simply 'evidence has been found of HPV'. Over night I've been pondering a bit more on this. Basically my husband and I have been together (faithfully!) for 9 years now. My recent smear is the first time an HPV test has been undertaken and for it to show as a positive, does this mean my body has been unable to shift the HPV that I must have picked up years ago; after all I'm unlikely to have been exposed to any new source of HPV and if at my first smear in 2010, if I had have been tested for HPV it would have shown as positive then too? Or, scenario 2- does it remain dormant for years and then suddenly 'flare up' at some future moment (meaning my body could still have chance to fight it off?

Thanks again for your help :)




Hey :)

I'm also not quite sure why HPV has suddenly been detected - all I can put it down too, is they have only just recently bought the HPV testing out. I think if they see any abnormality now, they carry out another test on HPV. I'm 26 & only had my first smear this year which came back as abnormal. Gutted as I have never had anything wrong with me & I've always been healthy, barely ever even have a cold! So its quite unlucky that I have the high risk strain HPV. 

But on a higher note - the body can fight off the virus if you have a good strong immune system! That's why I bought extra vitamins to help boost my immune system. HPV can actually lie dormant in your body for a number of years before it decides to make an appearence! It can however, switch itself around & your body can get rid of the virus. Not quite sure as to why some people say it stays in the body forever. I can't see how that is true, as with any virus, we catch it, our body fights it off & were immune against it? Surely? Who knows!

I wish they had more answers in regards to HPV. There's a lot of unanswered questions & it leaves us worried, anxious & thinking about the dreaded C word. 

So... I say, stay positive & stress free! Eat healthy, up your vitamin dosages & live a happy healthy life & hopefully the body will do the rest :)


Also, when I received my results, like you it said 'evidence of HPV' it wasn't till my colposxopy that they told me it was high risk.