Confused on symptoms

Hi sorry for the long post - previous abnormal and positive hpv - 2 x colposcopy and 1 llletz - last smear 2021 clear - last 3 months pain - bleeding after sex (haven’t had period for 19 years due to depo ) pain inside and hip and leg pains - major fatigue and blood test very high c- reactive protein - been sent for transvaginal scan showed nothing - been on loads of antibiotics . Dr wouldn’t do a smear as outside of then3 year nhs window very lucky to be able to have private smear and now abnormal smear and hpv positive - need to have colposcopy very worried due to all symptoms :(can something develop that quick and would anything have showed up with the scan?

Hi @Loulougaha

Its very unlikely that CC would develop so quickly when you had clear a smear not so long ago, CIN generally takes years to progress into anything invasive… CIN is proven to be symptomless and the symptoms you’ve descibed, although some match CC they are symptoms descibed when CC is at an advanced stage where a physical tumor is present and a transvaginal ultrasound would have picked that up, CC as a lesion the cervix needs to be magnified at a colposcopy so an ultrasound wouldnt necassarily pick that up but it wouldnt come with the symptoms youve described

A high C reactive protein doesnt always indicate cancer, it can rise through a variety of things, such as an infection, CRP is produced by the liver as a response to inflammation in the body so its alot more likely your symptoms are down to something else… how far away is your colposcopy appointment? xx

Thankyou that’s what’s I thought - seeing dr next week just panicked with all the symptoms then got positive test and abnormal cells x

Its natural to panic, I convinced myself the same when my 2nd smear in 2020 came back abnormal, at the time lymph node after lymph node started popping up in my groin so naturally after consulting Dr Google lol i convinced myself of the worst and its spread, i had a colposcopy and the results were CIN1… hopefully you get to the bottom of it all xx

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