Confused - nothing then CIN2

Hi All


Just looking for some advice really, I feel totally out of control of whats happening and cant find any support or information online to support whats going on with my cervix.


So I had a baby last year over the date of my first scheduled smear date (aged 25), I waited 4 months to have my smear after having my son as I knew it could be 3 months until my cervix went back to normal.

I had my smear, no issues having it, got my results. My results just came back abnormal, with no grading, and high risk HPV I wasnt particularly worried about the abnormailites as I had only given birth not so long ago, but I was quite upset about the HPV until I saw the fantastic information on this website.


I went to my first colposcopy appointment, the nurse who performed the examination declared that she could see nothing, and advised that she would be very suprised to see me again, and my results would be back in 6-8 weeks. 


6 weeks later the results came in as CIN2 and a further appointment was being made for me in 6 months time.


I have since had the appointment (2 weeks ago), this time with a consultant, he said he could see it has got worse - got worse, but there was nothing to see before anyway as far as I was told! This time my results was due in 3 weeks,


I just dont understand any of this, I wanted to ask questions but felt rushed through the whole appointment, I wasnt even  invited to sit down by the consultant at the start or end of the appointment, the nurse did at my initial one though, and just stood around the table like a spare part waiting for him to dismiss me.


I wanted to ask the following questions but never got the chance, I am really hoping you ladies could help:


1) why was my first smear not graded

2) why did it take 3-4 months for my first colposcopy appointment

3) why couldnt the nurse see the CIN2

4) why are these latest results being given within 3 weeks when the first was 6-8

5) is there any treatment options?

6) Is it possible that considering the previous failure to spot the CIN2 at my first appointment, something all round bigger is missing?


Please help! 


And thank you so much for reading xxx


Hi Laura,

I can't understand why the nurse missed the CIN 2 at your first colposcopy, the only thing i can think of is that it must have been a very small area that couldn't be seen by the naked eye but then she must have taken a biopsy of the abnormal looking area for you to have had the result of CIN 2.

 Normally you are given treatment for CIN 2 but i think because your so young and it ws your first smear they decieded to go for the watch and wait method because CIN 2 can go back to normal on its own. Unfortunatley this hasn't happened in your case and its sounds like it has progressed to CIN 3.

This just means you will need treatment to remove the cells. I have had it done myself and it is honeslty nothing to worry about it's very much like a smear test just a little bit longer. It takes about 10 minuets you will have a local anesthetic injected into your cervix so that you can't feel a thing and then they remove the abnormal cells with a tiny electrical wire you can then go straight home.

I dont know why you had to wait 6 weeks for your first resuklts becuse as far as im aware it is always about 4 weeks to wait for results. I had my results back within 3 weeks so i wouldn't worry about that. To be honest i think they have probably realised that they should have given you treatment the first time and not left it so now want to ge things underway quickly. if it was anything sinsiter you would have the resuklts very quickly normally within a few days.

I hope this helps xx