Confused newbie

Morning all,

Like many posts I’ve read on here, I’ve been hovering for a few weeks, reading other people’s stories and I’m now feeling brave enough to do my own post and ask for help / advice / guidance so I hope that you don’t mind me joining in

So, my story so far… Way back in 2000 I had an abnormal smear and subsequent colposcopy and biopsies. Came back CIN3 so I went back and had cold coagulation and further biopsies. After attending the colposcopy clinic a few times over the following 18 months, I was discharged back to my gp for annual cervical smear tests, then back to 3 yearly in 2005. I had my 2008 smear test - all good. Then, for some reason currently unknown to me, other than I might just be stupid (at least that’s how I now feel!), I put off going in 2011 and didn’t go back until April 2016. Cue telling off and much frowning by my gp, but I was there, that was the important thing.

So, early May, in came the letter from my gp - significant changes identified that will require treatment and to expect an appointment from the Colposcopy clinic. That came the next day and I went in on the 19th May. The nurse had a lot of problems finding my cervix to start with - she said it was shy! - and when she did find it she promptly whipped out the speculum and asked for a ‘treatment speculum’ instead and said she was off to get a doctor. So, doc comes in, didn’t say much other than that she needed to do LLETZ and wanted to do it there and then. She wasn’t dismissive or anything, in fact all the staff were lovely and so helpful, she just didn’t say a lot, She didn’t say much about it afterwards either, other than that she had had to remove quite a large section of tissue and was hopeful that she had clear margins, I’d get the results in a few weeks, and I would be back in 6 months for a check up. Then came the wait for the results!

Infection in between times, still bleeding 4 weeks later and the dreaded letter came yesterday. The results of the LLETZ indicate that I require further treatment and I have another appointment, this time with a consultant gynaecologist, on the 6th July to discuss.

So - after all that waffle (thanks to anyone who is still with me at this point) - is there anybody else out there who has had similar experiences and had to go back for further treatment after LLETZ, what is the likely further treatment, why do I need it… I’m so confused, worried, scared, freaking out - you name it, I’m experiencing it at the moment. Cried a lot last night, didn’t sleep much - all the usual stuff.

From what I have read on here, you are a fab bunch and are all so supportive of each other and whilst I am so upset that I am in the position where I am ‘qualified’ to join you, I have been so glad to have this forum over the last few weeks and I know I am going to need it in the weeks going forward.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice that anybody can offer.


Hi Deb:

So glad you posted and that you've stopped by for a chat. 

These bloody letters! We're either waiting for letters, getting letters we don't understand or getting letters that scare us to death because they don't say anything apart from "we need to talk."

Could I suggest that you call your GP and ask for the results of your LLETZ? They obviously have them and maybe if you know what the results are you will worry less. Or will you? If you'll worry more, because you're not in front of the doc and able to ask questions, perhaps you shouldn't call.

Maybe they won't give the results to you. I''m not in the UK so don't have first hand experience, but it seems that often nurses won't give test results on the phone.  Otherwise you have the sucky waiting until your appointment.

There's a bag of treatment options that your gyn may suggest, but until you know what's going on with you and Miss Shy Cervix. it'll be just pure speculation. I always imagine the worse and to be perfectly honest, it does me absolutely no good. I try really hard not to and to be fair, I am the tiniest bit better now, but I still do. 

Tons of women will jump on and share their stories regarding the visit after the LLETZ but I doubt very much if they all had the same experience/results. At least you'll know you're not alone which helped me enormously when I was in the Wait and Worry Zone.

Good luck


Hi Teresa, thanks so much for taking the time to reply, its very much appreciated. 

GP wont tell me anything over the phone - tried that this morning - he says he has no more info than is in the letter (well that was zero info!) and all he can say is that I am in the system and being treated so try not to worry, make sure I attend all appointments and that he will support me in any way he can!  Helpful??  Not really!! 

Miss Shy Cervix - I love that!!! I have no idea what she was playing at but she was definitely hiding!

It does help hugely knowing that I'm not alone and that others in the same situation are feeling the same - it really is the waiting that is the hardest part.

You certainly seem to have had an eventful few months yourself!  I hope you are feeling well and recovering well from your hysterectomy.