Confused negative punch biopsy but exploration under general for possible lymphoma

Hi. At the start of June I went to gp after having bleeding after sex for the last year that was increasing in frequency and duration. When they examined me they found a 2-3cm lump on my cervix. Mid July I was eventually seen in the colposcopy clinic and had a punch biopsy, which I was told was negative. I went back to the clinic on 1 November for what I was told was cauterisation to stop the lump bleeding. The previous consultant has left the trust and the new consultant wasn’t happy with that plan, the lump is now 3-4cm and bleeds every day. I was told it doesn’t look/ feel like cancer more like a polyp but due to the bleeding would remove under general anaesthetic. I was booked into the preop clinic on 17 Nov but on 13 Nov I got a call to ask me to come into pre op clinic the following day so I can have the surgery on 17th.

On Friday I went to the hospital, alone due to still following covid precautions. When the consultant came to do the consent form, a different one to referring consultant, she told me I was there for exploration under ga for possible lymphoma and lletz. I stupidly nodded along like one of those nodding dogs you get in cars as was scared they wouldn’t go ahead if I told them that was not my understanding of why I was there and I just want the lump out so I’m not bleeding everyday. But now I’m petrified. Can a negative punch biopsy that’s left 4 months result in a positive lletz? I’m 39 so missed out on the hpv vaccine and all my smears have been negative including my last in 2021. I couldn’t get a timeframe for when I would get results, just that I would get a letter from the referring consultant so don’t even know how long I’ll be waiting for results.

I am sorry you are going through this sounds awful for you.

The punch biopsy only takes a tiny amount so it unfortunately is possible for it to miss something that the LLETZ may pick up on. It sounds like they are taking it very seriously which is good especially if you say it has grown and started bleeding more. It could well be something benign like a cyst or polyp but with these things being extra cautious and investigating it is the right thing to do.

Try not to panic especially if they’ve removed it with the LLETZ if I was you I would phone your doctor and ask them all the questions you have.