confused, Multi Disciplinary Meeting as biopsy has shown normal cells.

Hi ladies, just after some advice as extremely confused.

First of all, does anyone know if suffering with a Missed Misscarriage & needing D&C can lead to cell changes in the endocervical canal? 

Secondly, I had an abnormal smear result back in Feb, came back with HPV high risk & borderline changes. Was booked in for colposcopy 3weeks ago to which the colposcopists said she found high risk cells in my endocervical canal and that I would need them removed. As it was too tricky to do under local anaesthetic I would need to come in and be put under general anaesthetic instead. She then told me my biopsy results would be through in 4 weeks aanand that was about it.

My results came through today and basically say that the colposcopist had thought she had found high grade precancerous cells, yet the biopsys came back normal.

So because of this they are holding a multi disciplinary meeting to see what to do next. I telephoned the hospital to try and get some answers, they wouldn't tell me much, just that the colposcopist did feel she had seen high grade cells and thought it necessary to have them removed. 

Has anyone else been in this situation? Would having a misscarriage and needing a d&c affect any cells within my canal and maybe lead to a misdiagnosis?

Thanks x 

Hi Mel,

This is not really my area of experience but I hate to see questions with no response, so I'll try to help and hopefully somebody who knows better than I do will come along soon enough. :-)

I really cannot imagine that suffering a misscarriage (so sorry to hear about that) and having a D&C would affect cells within your canal and lead to a misdiagnosis. I think it is far more likely that the affected cells are so far up the canal that they are really difficult to get at and the biopsy has missed them. This would also explain what she said in the first place about it being tricky to do under a local and recommending a general anaesthetic instead. Your MDTeam are now caught between a rock and a hard place because they don't like to over-treat just as they don't like to under-treat either. You now have a colposcopist who is sure she found something but no evidence to back her up so I suppose the team has to decide how much faith they have in her.

Be lucky


Thank you for taking time to reply Tivoli :-)

I havnt found any proof either to suggest that everything I have been through in this area over the past 6 months would lead to a misdiagnosis either :-( It was just very confusing to read the letter, and knowing the Colposcopist had thought she had seen something too seemed very odd, so to see a normal result made me think maybe something else could have caused these changes. To be completely honest the thought of having lletz or a cone biopsy really scares me, as i know there can be slight risks with either to affecting the cervix after treatment and as we plan to try for another baby dont want anything to jeopardise that. So the thought that i may have been offered unesicary treatment slightly annoyed me. But having had time to think and read up and listen to other peoples experieneces makes it sound as if i should take it as what i thought initially, go with having high grade precancerous cells and just see what they suggest once they have held the meeting. If they come back with no further treatment i may then decide to get a second opinion, but we will just have to wait and see i guess, which is usually the hardest part as feels as if i am back to square 1 :(

Hi I'm goin thru the same as u did rite now but can't seem to find any answer. What happened with ur meeting? In my situation I was bleeding in between periods, found abnormal cells and HPV, went for the colopsophy and they told me there and then they can see the abnormal cells. Just got my letter 2day to say there's no precancerous cells but it doesn't match my smear result. So they're holding a Cervical Multi-disciplinary team meeting in a few days and will contact me with their plan for treatment or follow up. So I'm back in limbo!! Thanks. X