Confused - LLETZ???


I'm so confused about what happens next. 

I had my LLETZ treatment on 30th June, but I don't really know what happens next. I've found the whole situation really badly handled by my local hospital.'s been 2 weeks (& 2days to be exact) & im waiting for results of the biopsy, but I'm confused as to what the biopsy will show? I know I had abnormal cells, my smear told me that! But what will this show? What will it tell me?


I also am unsure when I'm allowed to 'nudge nudge wink wink' if you know what I mean. 

I've had the IUD removed, so obviously safe sex is a must. I bled quite badly after 3 days for a solid 5 but guessing this was the IUD (reallllllly bad periods prior to IUD & nothing else seemed to work). 

I have mild discharge at the min, hardly any at all to be fair - can I have a try?

Any advice or help please



early smear due to concerns - abnormal results. 

Colposcopy/come biopsy & low grade changes, no treatment 2014

abnormal smear - colposcopy - no treatment 2015

normal smear YAY 2016

abnormal smear - high grade (moderate) dysk, colposcopy and LLETZ treatment 2017

HPV positive (from 2014 but found out at smear 2017)

I'm in the same boat

i had lletz treatment but my results from my smear test haven't been discussed

i don't know how much he took away I don't know what cin grade I was and I don't onow why he wanted to do LLETZ treament before even doing the colposcop!

ive asked my gp to call me and I'll ask him. Not handled well at all! 

no sex, bath, tampons, swimming for 4 weeks or you risk an infection 

Let me know how you get on!

its horrible isn't it... :(

It's a bloody awful! I'm not an emotinal person but this whole thing has really sent me in a rollercoaster. I will rant at my dr lol!