Confused.... help!

So i had my colposcopy yesterday after having borderline results, after looking and doing what she needed too she said that the changes were higher than borderline and that CIN was definitely showing, she took 2 biopsies and i now have to wait 2 to 4 weeks for the results, ive read on here and other places that people have treatment there and then so why didnt i?? She said she would most certainly see me back at clinic for further treatment, im now left with uncertain thoughts going on in my head, has she seen something sinister?? Im not understanding all this and dont know why the wait is needed if she saw the white cells why not treat them at the same time?? She gave no indication what level CIN was present but said to the student nurse/doctor that there was a patch on top of the cervix, i dont feel any closer to understanding what is going on to before i went to the appointment, im so so worried 

First off: just know this is VERY common. Yes, some places will treat then and there but others will prefer to wait and see what the biopsies show and then treat at that time. This is how it was with me. At my colposcopy appt, the OB said she saw one area which she biopsied and sent me on my way. The biopsy results came back as CIN 2 so we booked an appt for the LEEP/LLETZ at that time to remove the abnormalities. 

Would I have prefered her to just do the treatment at the time I was getting my colposcopy? YES -  as it would have meant less waiting around for results, less time dealing with nerves, etc. Just get it over and done with, right?  But some OB's don't do that and it's a two visit process. 

Once you get your results from the colposcopy biopsies, you'll know more. The waiting is the hardest part for sure! Good Luck! 



Thank you for sharing with me

Yes i suppose all areas and places do things differently like you said i suppose i had just worked myself up thinking it would be all done there and then and when it wasnt panic set in big time!

Im trying to keep calm and not over think things but that in itself is hard!

Ive now spoken out to quite a lot of my friends previously having kept it from them cos i felt quite ashamed that something could be wrong and a few have said that they have experienced something similar so now have quite a good support network around me which has helped 

All very worrying for anyone going through this but its nice to have found this website and being able to express your fears and worries with others who know how you feel

Thank you for getting back to me