Confused, HELP. ToC HPV negative and colposcopy referral

I had the LLETZ procedure at the end of September and had my test of cure 3 weeks ago. I got the letter 1 week ago saying that I’m HPV negative and that my next cervical screening was in 3 years. I was really pleased to read that I was cured. However, I just got a letter today from the clinic I did LLETZ for CIN 3 that said: “we would like to invite you to call and arrange an appointment with our Colposcopy team”. I’m very confused and worried. I thought that I was done with this as I was told that if my cervical screening (ToC) was HPV negative I would be discharged from the colposcopy clinic, and now I get this letter on a Saturday morning, 1 week after my ToC results. I’m panicking again and I have to wait until Monday to have some answers… I don’t understand and have no idea if this is a mistake. I’m just worried and traumatised I have to go through this again :(. Please help

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Just wanted tosend you love :heart: xx

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It does rather sound like there was an error with one of the messages - although it’s possible that the appointment is just to discuss your results in person and explain the follow up plan. To be honest it doesn’t sound right that you’re put on a 3 year follow up if you’ve had treatment for CIN3 - so I suspect the first letter was automatically generated and wasn’t correct. This doesn’t have to be anything sinister, but even if you’ve passed the test of cure they should be following you up at least once a year. I have had cancer treatment and I was found to be clear of cancer at the 3 month follow-up but they still scan you every three to six months for some time, just to check - it’s for your benefit.

Try not to worry, but expect a more regular check up and if there is anything else needs doing, it will be done! You only have until tomorrow to find out. Better get checked and treated than get cancer, so take heart! X


Hello, hope you are having a good Monday so far. I just spoke with the hospital and the letter was sent by mistake and it was for a cervical screening (test of cure) that I already had a month ago and it was clear. My GP sent them my results late, they have discharged me from the hospital now. They said that I’m fine and that I don’t need to be seen until 2025. I don’t think going back to 3 year cervical screenings is a good idea after having had LLETZ for CINIII tbh. I think that I will have to pay for the next two ones, as I’d like to have yearly cervical screenings.

Thank you for being there. This forum is amazing and very supportive.

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