Confused, do I need to tell?

So I had my colp a few weeks back. Still waiting on results although doc did say he thought it looked clear of CC just had a couple of suspicious areas that he took a biopsy from.  the reason I was referred was bleeding after intercourse.  Then had a smear which showed changed and HMV hence the colp.


So, whilst waiting for results I have had a blood stained discharge/bleeding. Not loads but enough and definitely not due to the biopsies and there is about ten days since I stopped bleeding and even then it was only a tiny bit.  

not period not due for another week at least.   Do I need to tell the clinic or wait for results?

I'm completely new to all this but I noticed nobody had replied to you. If it was me, I'd let the clinic know. Even if it's completely normal, at least you have informed them. There's no harm in being wary, surely? x

Hi, Mel.

I wouldn't be surprised if the bleeding is from your biopsies.  I stopped bleeding after biopsies and then started again approx 12 days after they were taken.  I spoke to the nurse over the phone and she said that you develop scabs which shed after 10-14 days, resulting in new bleeding.