Confused - Diagnosed with contained CC last week, now found by my ovaries?

Hello all,

I've currently hit a wall with my journey and I'm now waiting for a PET scan, which I've been told will be 2-4 weeks. I was diagnosed last week, with my consultant confident the cancer was rather confined to my cervix. Unfortunately, my MRI has shown cancer in the area around my ovaries, either side. 

I'm struggling to understand the news, because the consultant was saying that it was good that it hadn't spread from my cervix, yet it's jumped to my ovaries? This doesn't sound like good news to me. I'm awaiting a PET scan to see if there is any further spread before starting chemoradiation.

Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this, as my doc keeps saying it hasn't spread from my cervix, yet there are two patches by my ovaries?



Hi Hani

I'm so sorry for your diagnosis I don't have an answer but I just wanted to say big hugs and just said a prayer for you. Just a thought could you possible get Pet scan privately so that you don't have the horrible wait, I am not good at waiting at the best of times. Or call your consultant and explain and see if he can fast track your scan. I know nhs are busy but I think it's cruel they make us wait.  Lots of love xxx

Hi Hani,

I'm so sorry to hear what a dreadful time you are having. 2 - 4 weeks to wait for a scan just sounds ridiculous! Unbelievable!

Is there a possibility do you think that what your Doctor is trying to say is that you have both cervical and ovarian cancer? Two different cancers, not one that has spread from the cervix?

Be lucky :-)

Hi Hani

So sorry you are having to go through this. 2 weeks for a scan and a proper explanation seems ridiculous! Have you been given a number for a CNS (Cancer Nurse Specialist)? If you have I would definitely call. They can explain things more clearly and try and arrange for you to be seen earlier. I have rung mine lots.

Hi Hani,

I don't have anything helpful to say to you I'm afraid, but wanted to send you love and support. I echo what the others say, badger the hospital and see if they can move your appt or see if they have any cancellations? Hopefully you have a cns - definitely give her a call. Mine has been very helpful.

Hope you get some info soon xx

Hi guys,

Thanks for your support, as always. I've been badgering folk today and I've managed to get a PET scan for Friday, but travelling to Preston for it. It's at 7.45am so we've got a journey setting off at 5.30am for it! Madness. It's getting done though, which is important. I'm going to see my CNS tomorrow, good call. There was just too much information to take in from the Oncologyst and he didn't really explain much. He'd said that it was positive that it hadn't spread, then showed me a diagram with two areas by my ovaries, so it was just confusing. I suppose it could well be both cervical and ovarian Tivoli, maybe he was avoiding saying it!

Hoping that the PET shows no further spread and we can crack on and start treatment soon. Has anyone had a PET scan before? The lady that I spoke to today told me to go in several layers of clothing, like a jumper and jacket as well. With the weather we've had recently, it seems a little excessive!

Thanks again for your support ladies,


Hi hani

im so pleased for you getting the scan sooner.

i had mine a couple of weeks ago I got told not to eat that morning and they gave me some coke to drink when I got there.  They inject you with the stuff and you have to lie still for an hour to let it circulate then they do the scan.  It's similar to the MRI but diesnt make a noise.  I had on a t shirt and a top and I was fine.

i found the lying still for so long a bit dull but the scan wasn't that bad and i found it easier than the MRI.

i hope it goes well and you get the results quickly, at least things are moving in the right direction.

feel free to give me a shout.



Hi Hani

Sorry to hear about your confusion, fingers crossed they give you some clear answers very soon.
I had a PET/CT scan, quite enjoyed it actually! Given a cosy chair and a blanket, injected with the radioactive stuff and told to chill out for 90 minutes! I took a book and was so relaxed I think I may have had a snooze during the actual scan, it certainly seemed to go quickly!
Much quieter than an MRI and not as enclosed.

It’s designed to pick up even tiny spots of cancer, they will glow as hotspots on the scan.

Will keep fingers crossed you get good results.

Take care
Ali x

I'm guessing you can get really quite chilly if you have to keep still for 90 minutes

Hani I just want to say good luck and I hope you get answers soon, it's all so up and down. I too do not actually understand what is going on in my body, there seems no time to talk about it at appointments (or I am in no state to undersatand!). Hugs.