Confused, could I have prevented this?

Hi ladies,

Yesterday I found out that I have high grade dyskaryosis. I received my letter 3 weeks after my screening… Which makes me panic as it’s quite a long time and the term “high grade” makes me feel like I need to act quickly. My letter also says I have to wait until I receive a letter containing my appointment. This can be up to 14 days, and the appointment can be from 4-6 weeks after receiving my letter of appointment. Which puts the fear of God into me, as it’s like 2 months until I can even get started treating this!!

I just wanted to know, this “high grade dyskaryosis” they speak of, could I have prevented it? Do I have it because of my life style? Or is it just something that has just unfortunately developed in me? I don’t really understand and it’s making me feel like I’m riddled and dirty and infected… I know this sounds rather dramatic but I can’t help but feel this way :frowning:

L x

Hello Lucy,

It's just bad luck, it's not a lifestyle thing and you mustn't blame yourself or feel 'dirty'. Thankfully these abnormalities and cervical cancer generally are slow to develop and a couple of months is not going to make a significant difference to the outcome. The vast majority of people are cured after just one treatment so please try not to worry yourself unduly.

Be lucky