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I am trying to understand what actually happens during a Colp and Biopsy what do they do, when I had my biopsy I had the lletz at same time so is the biopsy just an injection and then they scrape a bit out? and then do they decide to do the Lletz if so is that just the burning part, I only ask because my next appt in 6 months is for a smear and colposcopy they said they wont do treatment again next time so what happens if the abnormality is still there surley they have to treat or will I go back in again? My margins where not clear but that could just be the burning and they always burn more so that they try to get it all then watch and wait for the rest of cells to clear up. a friend of mine was told they would be happy for her to get pregnant with a CIN3 diognosis then treat it after baby was born because its so slow in changing. Sometimes I feel there are more questions than answers


Hiya I had my colposcopy & biopsies first then went back for Lletz today. The colposcopy is just where they take a magnified look and when they take the biopsies it just feels like a tugging sensation. they don't give you any injection or anaesthetic for that. I think they only give the local anaesthetic (the injections) if they carry out a procedure such as the Lletz. hope this helps




When they take biopsies they use special little forceps to remove a small piece of tissue, this enables them to examine the cells properly. I've always been given an injection of local anaesthetic prior to them taking the biopsies, but this may vary according to the area of the country you're in and what a particualr hospital does. 

If they did LLETZ they would have removed the whole abnormal area at the time. The actual treatment is where they use a heated loop to slice away the tissue and it also seals it at the same time to stop bleeding (hence the burning). They do try to remove extra tissue as well but it's only when they look at the cells under microscope when they can see if the margins are clear.

As for whether they'd give treatment next time, it may depend on the smear. They'll probably take a biopsy at colpscopy as this is more detailed than a smear. If it comes back as CIN3 and they say they won't remove it, if it were me I'd seek a second opionion. CIN3 is unlikely to clear up by itself, and it's best to have it removed, in my opinion. 

Hope this helps x