Ok so I had an abnormal smear back in Feb. Had an appointment for a colposcopy back in April and then had to go for a loop excision of the transformation zone on 2nd June. 

Today my results of the loop have come back saying the cells are reported at CIN3 and I will need a Smear and HPV Test of Cure in 6 months time.  

I do not understand what this means......does this mean whatever they did at the loop is fine or are they waiting for things to change "down there" or what....

I have googled HPV Test of Cure but nothing makes much sense... 

Can someone please help....thank you x


They test the bit that they remove during the LLETZ and in your case have confirmed that it was indeed CIN3. The treatment must have gone well and they have got it all, otherwise you would be called back earlier than 6 months.

The 6 month smear is to check whether there are still any abnormal cells and the 'test of cure' is to see if there is still HPV virus present. According to my documentation from the hospital, something like 95% of ladies will have no more bad cells and no HPV when they have their 6 month check.

So it's all good :-) The loop got the bad cells and a clear margin around them, and all that they need to do is confirm in 6 months' time that you are one  of the 95% for whom the LLETZ treatment gets rid of the problem!

I'm hoping I will be in the same situation in about a month's time ;-)

x x


Thank you.. thank you..  thank you... for explaining this to me.  Im sure hospitals think we know all the jargon they use but all we are after is simple explainations. 

At all my appointments I just wanted to go in and get it over and done with. I know I should have asked questions but my mind has been racing. I have stayed away from google as google can scare the life out of you!.

Thank you so much.. Wishing you all the best x Enjoy your summer holidays!!xx

ah thank you, I am in EXACTLY the same boat. i had my lletz two weeks ago, I am awaiting my results and hoping it is the same outcome! congrats!

You're welcome hun .... the only reason I know is that I initially scared myself to death, then realised I had better find out what it was all about if I was going to be able to function until it was all over!! x x

Good luck for the 6-month MOT ;-) Hopefully you will be one of the 95% and never have to deal with this again

Thank you x  <3 <3


Good luck with yours x