confused!-Channel4 -embarrassing bodies!!

I watched yesterday channel 4 embarrassing bodies , and at one point it was said that cervical cancer it is a sexually transmitted thingy ! I have few questions in my mind and I just cant find an answer!!! Maybe someone can help me understand! My first smear 3 years ago was perfect, 3 years later I am told I have CIN3. Im with my partner from past 8 years, haven’t had sex with anyone else other then him. Now if this CIN3 in because of HPV (which I don’t know if I have it as they refused to test it when I had the LLETZ as they told me there is no point in doing it as I already have CIN3), that means to me that my partner was sleeping around in this 3 years period in between my smear test!! Which I don’t think he did!! I also goggled it , and it is said that there are 2 possible causes as well: smoking ( which I am a smoker), and the contraception pill( if you used it more then 10 years, which I used). Im surprised that Channel 4 did not mentioned this things as well! Why did they had to axe it on HPV?? Now…all i have in my head is the question ` Did my partner cheated on me and he infected me ?is this why I ended up with CIN3? ?` because after watching Cannel 4 that is the answer I got!! or is it due to the pill and smoking? I wish when they touching a subject on TV they presents all the facts!!!

Hi there!

I am in similar situation.

I have cin3, been in the same relationship for 7 years. Not slept with anyone else and call me naive, but I don’t think my partner did either.

i had lletz under ga for CIN3 Fri the 12th and a phone call from the hospital yesterday that I will require a further surgery on the 26th.

I was going to ask the consultant at the pre op, but he is not exactly someone you could talk to. Well, if he is, he’s not showing it!

I wonder if there is someone bit knowledgable on a forum to explain about HPV and if it is only trasmited through penetration and or oral or is there any other ways to get it?


Tina xxx

Hi Tina, I hope someone will put a bit of a light in here ,and Channel 4 will make a full explanation about what they just said! Because to be fair my friends just text me saying they sow the show last night and they were feeling sorry for me to find out like this that my partner has been unfaithful!! Lol!!
I `ve got enough on my mind now awaiting for my second smear test result without having to question my partner fidelity !!

Hi CN and Tina,

There’s another thread on the Embarrassing Bodies show that might be helpful :slight_smile:

The HPV virus is sexually transmitted yes. BUT it can lie dormant for YEARS. Please don’t take your having a bad smear test following a good one that your partner has cheated on you as it doesn’t indicate this at all. At some point in time most people have HPV floating around their system, we’re just here because at some point our immune system wasn’t able to rid us of it before it started messing around with our cervix cells :frowning:

I’m not 100% sure but I think you can get it from any sexual contact. Smoking inhibits your immune system and makes your body less likely to be able to fight off the virus rather than giving you the virus in the first place, and the pill link isn’t proven it’s mainly (although someone please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this!) that you’re having unprotected sex and that COULD contribute to passing the virus on (I don’t think I’ve explained that as well as I wanted to but hopefully you get the jist :slight_smile: )

It’s also worth bearing in mind that some cases of cc aren’t caused by the HPV virus as well x x x

thank you so much:) xxxx

Thanks Becky!

CN, your post has made me chuckle in the middle of the office! I know, there is nothing funny about CIN, cc but just shows how little people know about it, although the screaning for cc has had so much of a telly cover!

I shouldn’t be on here during working hours;) i’ll log off and be back on after work!


hehe im at the office as well:)) xx