confused can anyone help

Hi everyone. I had my first colposcopy on Tuesday. The doctor said it was cin2. He did the lletz treatment they and then . They said I will get results in 3 to 4 weeks. Results for what ? Is it if they have successfully removed all the abnormal cells ? Also I don’t think I had a biopsy it don’t say it on my consent form just the lletz treatment. I thought that you had both ? . Sorry for 101 questions I always think of questions after I left.
Thanks girls


some clinics/hospitals have a "see and treat" policy, meaning that if they can see at colposcopy it's definitely at a CIN level that will require treatment, they do the treatment there and then. It sounds like yours is one of them.

In all cases,the chunk that they lop out during LLETZ goes off to the lab for analysis. In other words it's treated like a big biopsy! What you are waiting for results-wise will be confirmation of the CIN level (they will let you know whether it was CIN2, CIN3, CIN2 with small spots of 3, or whatever), plus hopefully confirmation that they got "clear margins". This means that they managed to remove the bad cells, plus a good margin of healthly cells around them, to be on the safe side.

Hope you dont have to wait too long for your results.


Ah I see now I understand.  OK thanks . She said when they had finished treatment I will get results in 3 to 4 week  but I was just wanting to get out of they lol so didn't think till after I got home. Thanks for reply:)