Confused by results

morning. Im just wondering if anyone has heard of or been in this situation before. My smear resukt came back with 'Glandular Abnormalities' I was referred for a Colosocopy and was seen within 2 weeks. I had Lletz treatment and biopsies taken at the same app during the Colosocopy. I phoned for my results and was told everything was fine, however I received a letter saying my results were not "as exciting as they had expected" and although the it was good news that biopsy resulys were clear this left her "confused as to the significant abnornality'picked up from my initial smear. It goes on to say that they will discuss my results at this months meeting. She has also asked for the original smear to be examined again. I've left a message for the consultant but she has yet to call back. I'm wondering if my results has been mixed up with someone else or if the biopsies have been taken from the wrong area. Sorry for the long post, I'm just so confused. X