Confused by my LLETZ results

Hi ladies,

i was just wondering if anybody could explain to me what my LLETZ results mean..

ive had a letter this morning saying:

"further to your visit to the colposcopy clinic on 18th march 2015 when you had LLETZ (loop excision of the cervix), the results have shown CIN."


what does CIN mean? It then goes on to say I should just go back to my gp surgery for a smear in six months. I know the treatment must have worked but confused! Showed CIN? Isn't that abnormalities??


if anyone could shed some light I'd be very greatful! 

It'll mean that CIN was found & removed with clear margins (normal cells around the outside of the sample they took so they know they got it all) x

Thank you! i can't believe how brief the results are considering the last 3 months have been a nightmare. I thought they'd be more indepth!! X

Yes, they should have been! Really out of order keeping you waiting so long for THAT. Xx