confused biopsy/lletz


I have been reading through alot of posts on here and I am so confused I presumed that if I had CC it would have been picked up on the biopsy 

But reading through alot of posts I see people had the biopsy then got called back in for Lletz treatment then were diagnosed with CC 

How common is it to not be picked up on biopsy but then found after Lletz


Hi Simone. I think the reason it is normally found in the tissue removed from the Lletz is because the biopsy only removes a small bit of the abnormal area whereas the Lletz removes the whole abnormal area. In most cases the biopsy is the same as the lletz tissue removed. Hope this helps


Yes that makes sense :-)

not sure if i am posting in the right place here. i am 27yrs old and have had 3 failed smears tests 2 at the docs and 1 at the hospital and i am so scared as all 3 tiime the pain had been so unbearable. at the hospital i was in floods of tears and the couldnt get it again. i am back at the hsopital today and was told i may need surgery which i am very frightend of. any one with any suggestions i would be greatful.