Confused and worried

Hi im windering if someone can help me as i dont know where else to turn. Before i ask my question id just like to say iv been lookin on this site since my first abnormal smear and you ladies are a total inspiration and so brave. I feel a fraud writing on here as iv only had mild dysk on my last smear but over 6weeks ago i came across swollen lymph nodes in my neck and loads in my groin and near my hips,iv gone into panic mode been docs n had bloods done which all came back fine just my WBC slightly elevated but no infection or virus and the docs keep saying its because im slim so iv tried not worry then 2weeks ago iv got them in my armpit n edge of boobs along with a hard gristly/stoney feeling one which feels sharp like one does in my inguinal nodes.i had a ultrasound 2days ago on my breast and they said all looked well and doc said they feel more prominent because im slim and the change in weather,im not may or may not have something to do with my smear but any knowledge or experiance id be so happy to here from any of u ladies

Forgot to mention im 32 and also been having nausea for about 28weeks (about) its spontanious and not really bad but enough for me to notice,thats why i origionaly made an ap with my doc then found the nodes and thought id mention them while doc askd me if i want anti sickness tabs which i refused as i want to fix the cause not a symptom. Thank you 

natasha x