Confused and worried

Hi I’m 63 and my smear tests always normal then light bleed before xmas referred seen by gynaecologist 12th January who firstly on examination says he sees a polyp then when I’m sitting up again says I’ve got a tumour which he’s fairly sure is cancerous.He phones on 15th to confirm some cancerous and a lot of pre cancerous cells found but early and cureable.Gyno nurse phones the following Wednesday to say after discussion treatment offered was Lletz on 8th Feb as really only might be very early cancer and very worse case scenario was hysterectomy .
Doctor who performed the Lletz was matter of fact and although I was expecting some discomfort was not ready for how sore her insertion of the speculum was in fact nearly asked her to stop then she tells me she can see new red bit near where biopsy was taken previously and says this could be more cancer ? She then freezes the area and goes ahead with the procedure unfortunately she hadn’t frozen it all and the pain was excruciating she apologised saying she must have missed a corner but continued regardless only freezing more when tidying up as she put it after I jumped a mile. Told to go have a cup of tea and to go to toilet check I am bleeding normally if so go home.Well I haven’t bled till this morning and I don’t know if this is normal or not but am not in any discomfort .
She says I’ll be phoned once biopsy results and discussion has taken place regarding treatment again confusion even though it’s cancer they might well leave it alone ? Or maybe need Lletz done again (won’t be her coming anywhere near me) or maybe surgery.
I just feel I don’t know where I am with this thought this was a younger womans illness I don’t even feel ill though they say I am
Sorry to have gone on in such detail when so many people are much worse off than I am but any advice would be gratefully received

Hi Christine :-)

You've had a bit of a nasty fright haven't you. No, it's not a 'younger woman's illness' it can get any of us whenever it likes. It got me at 50. I've never had a LLETZ so I can't really help you there but I've heard others say that all of their cancer was removed by the LLETZ so there was no need for further treatment. Sounds to me like that's what they're hoping for which does tell us that they've caught you wonderfully early. If you can get away without either a hysterectomy or chemo-radiation then you've done very well :-) fingers crossed they've got it all with clear margins.

Be lucky :-)

Not so lucky then results in from Lletz staging is cc 1B1 and to close to call whether I'll have hysterectomy or chemo-radiation discussion on this will be this Wednesday so will know then.At least it's been caught at an early stage and for that I'm thankful.

Indeed :-) Plenty to be thankful for. Do let us know what is decided for your treatment plan and then you will likely find you begin to receive tips from either the hysterectomy team or the chemo-rads team :-)

Be lucky :-)

treatment will be  histerectomy with removal of lymph nodes so again tips and advice please :-)

Hi again :-)

So, you'll want nighties and not pyjamas for hospital. Big knickers. Ear plugs or headphones to cut out noise from other patients or their visitors. Varying degrees of things to keep yourself entertained as some days you'll want things that require less concentration than others. Loose trousers or a dress to come home in plus a cushion to go between your abdomen and your car seat belt if you will be travelling home in a car. And most importantly, a huge supply of peppermint tea.

It is a big and invasive operation. No need to be afraid but just don't be surprised when you come round afterwards that you feel rather more wiped out than you might have if you've had other, less invasive surgical procedures in the past. The majority of the discomfort after the operation comes from trapped wind and that is what the peppermint tea is for. You will also experience some swelling in your groin area as though you were carrying a semi-inflated balloon around inside your knickers. Don't worry about this, it's perfectly normal and it goes down quite quickly.

That's all that springs to mind right now but doubtless some of the other women will be along soon enough to add their tips.

Be lucky :-)