Confused and worried stage 1a1 to 1b1

Hi lovely ladies I was diagnosed couple of weeks ago at stage 1a1 I had MRI and had to wait a week , the nurse rang to say scan was fine but I'm now stage 1b1 can't understand why it's changed I was due to have a cone biopsy on tues but they've cancelled it now as said margins  from loop biopsy were clear but need to see consultant wed to discuss hysterectomy , if they were clear I don't understand but want hysterectomy now as so scared will I also need chemo and radiotherapy ? Please if anyone can help it would be great as nurse wouldn't tell me hardly anything and the waiting is so stressful I don't know how big the cancer was , xxx


Sorry you are so confused and worried. The waiting is most definetly the the most stressful part so I hope you get your appoinment soon.

I cannot help answer all your questions but thought i could give you a little bit of information to ease your worries.

1a1 is an area  3mm or less deep and 7mm or less wide

1b1 is an area that is larger but still contained to the cervix and not larger than 4 cm

The mri probably showed a larger area than first thought so the stage changes slightly. Please do not worry about this you will recieve the correct treatment for your stage whether that may be another loop or hysterectomy I cannot say but the doctors will discuss with you and take your opinions into consideration.

I suggest you browse the info on this site or macmillan and cancer research sites to give you good basic info before your appointment (Stay off google if you can)

Best of luck wherever the path takes you. Believe me our imaginations are much worse than reality and what has to be done will be for your benefit.