confused and worried about results

Hi I’m new on here. I went for a Smear a while ago and the results came back with low grade dyskaryosis, I was referred for a colposcopy, I was asked if I had anyour bleeding after sexy or between periods I said no as I haven’t and when he was looking he asked if I was sure as it looks quite high so I said yes, I received the results on Friday in which it has cone back high grade CIN and I am due to have a cone biopsy on the 9th August, I’m just worried as the results have changed a bit, has anyone been through something similar, and how did you find the cone biopsy thank you x

Didn't want to read without replying.   Just a note to say hang in there and good luck.

I had punch biopsy and lletz but not cone so I can't help but I've read a few posts about it on here so hopefully someone with more experience can help.


Thank you for the reply x