Confused and slightly stressed

Hi, am new and looking for piece of mind. Is there always a calm before the storm? I had my colposcopy done on the 17 december and I am 2 days post lletz procedure. This may be a good thing but I have completely stopped bleeding. I had my mirena coil removed before the procedure was done and was expecting to bleed. I do suffer from hip dysplasia and pelvic pain. I stopped bleeding yesterday evening and am a bit shocked. Guess it could be a good thing but I have such backache and since yesterday morning have had headaches and just feel crap and emotional. Any advice? 


OK, so I take back what I say. I have started bleeding and haven't felt like this since before I had my coil put in. It took me by complete surprise and has made me feel completely crappy. I have had period like pains since my lletz treatment and they are still going strong. Could anyoone else tell me if they have had headaches with their treatment or I am just feeling run down and sorry for myself? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


I'm sorry you're feeling so rubbish. Having LLETZ can really take it out of it you, emotionally as well as physically, so feeling run down is pretty common. I've had backache and cramps after the procedure but not headaches - although everyone is different. Make sure you eat well and drink plenty of fluids, and generally look after yourself and take it easy if you can. Also if it helps to share how you're feeling there are lots of supportive ladies on here. 

Take good care of yourself x


Thank you for replying, I had my first smear in november, colposcopy in december and then lletz. I feel completely wiped out. I have read alot of the forum posts and know I am not the only one feeling rotten. I came on here as everyone is going through the same or similar situations, as you say everyone is different. Dont know where the headaches have come from and they arent as bad as the migraines I suffer from so maybe I will put them down to stress and go see my doctor and discuss thing with him. I am so thankful for a website like this as I feel better being able to talk to other people who dont know me and are going through their own personal issues. I have the backache and cramps and am eating three meals a day and drinking plenty of fluids. How do you feel now? how long since your LLETZ? x


How are you doing now? Hope you're ok. It's always a good idea to chat to your doctor if you're not sure of anything, so it may be worth doing that.

It's almost 4 weeks since my LLETZ. I'm still not feeling great but then I did get an infection which of course not everyone will experience.


Take care x

Hi, I have an infection, have been put on antibiotics and told to rest, which is only manageable when my kids are at school. Feel okish but have a virus too. my housework fairies have run away and left me to my own devices the little sods, plus my coursework which is due in next week. I want to become a hermit! Is that possible? Lol, I hope you feel better soon xx