Confused and nervous

I am 56…57 in July and have had my smears 5 yearly except for the last 2 which firstly came back as HPV positive and most recently the last one came back with HPV and dyskaryosis 1.

I had my colposcopy on Tues this week and was seen by Dr who confirmed i had precancerous cells and i have to have treatment soon.
I was under the illusion i would just be monitored until it changed to CIN 2 so why the rush?
He took 2 biopsies and didn’t say an awful lot except have i missed any smear tests at all to which i answered no, i have never missed one not ever!
I get the impression this is worse than he is willing to say at the moment as he seemed to say let’s wait for the results of these biopsies then was adamant i need treatment soon.
I thought you didn’t have anything done at this stage and monitoring was all they did?!?
is this because of my age or am i being overly anxious?
I have been cramping like hell since Tues with some spotting, but definitely have to have some treatment.
Would it not be easier just to give me an hysterectomy?
I am so confused and cannot stand this for the rest of my life.
Thanks for reading.

Hi Daisymae,

It does sound like the colposcopist suspected there may be cells which are more than CIN1 - which is why they’ve taken biopsies. Better that than leave it. I can understand this is making you very anxious, but better that than missing something, especially as you’re coming to the last few years of smear testing. As for the spotting and cramping - this is natural after a colposcopy with biopsies, but it will wear off soon I’m sure. They are likely not to give you a hysterectomy because it’s a far more invasive and major operation than a LLETZ, and if this is the first time you’ve had any abnormal cells at all it is not warranted.

Unfortunately we ladies have to live with a cervix and the vulnerability that we may have to this common virus regardless of our fertility status. It’s important you keep up with your checks, which you have, get treatment if anything is wrong, and don’t let it rule your life. X

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Thank you for responding.
Yes he was quite ‘cross’ and said have you had regular smear tests, infact since 50+ i have been five yearly and before that 3 yearly and never missed even one.

He took 2 biopsies but as soon as i walked in the door he said you will need treatment that was even before he examined me.
He then did the colposcopy and was very quiet and i had no idea he had taken the samples.
Then the questions about my past screenings.
I think it is going to be bad news, and i am gearing up for it.
I asked him do i need treatment if the biopsies are all clear and he was quite adamant yes you will be having treatment, however he never elaborated on what treatment.
Hopefully the results wont take too long.
I am a nervous mess and just want to know now but was told i will get the said results in writing.

Sounds like you had a health care ‘specialist’ with no bed-side manner whatsoever…. Maybe he was having a bad day. Being so brusque with you when you’d only just come into the room has understandably made you feel nervous and uncertain. What a shame you did not have someone thoughtful, caring and communicative - which is what we all hope for, of course. Fingers crossed it won’t take too long and you’ll have an idea what is going on - and can take it from there. Keep us updated, please, and try not to be too dismal - the way you were treated sounds pretty dismal already! X

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I was sent to see a consultant who specialises in reproductive cancers, he did the colposcopy and said i will have to have treatment.