confused after lletz

Sorry if there is the bit too much information in this.

I had my lletz done on 12 june.

All the paperwork gives confusing information. Some of it says a minimum of 2 weeks and others 4 weeks before DTD again. Some says once you stop having discharge.

Me and the OH have a very good sex life so waiting is killing us. 

The discharge slowly went back to its normal colour etc and has been completely normal since Thursday.

Last night we got very drunk and ended up having shallow with a condom on. Woke up this morning and I'm dripping wet, like when I'm really horny. Is this because we DTD or is this my bodies way of saying all is back to normal? 

Can we return to our usual amount? Or can we start slowly getting back to usual?


As a third generation with abnormal smears at a young age requiring treatment (mum had two lletz and gran had laser surgery followed by a total hysterectomy) I am keen to avoid doing anything that may lead to damage but for a young couple who are very attracted to each other to go from daily and sometimes more to nothing is very difficult.

This was my first smear as they kept telling me it's not genetic. But the moment I received my invite I booked it.

I think its meant to be 4 weeks hun. I dtd  a week after my 1st one, didn't realise til i had my next check up that i had an infection, not sure if it was because of that but it's likely. Just watch out for any funny smells or discharge, although I never noticed. Just try an refrain as much as u can xx

That's why we went for shallow and condom.

We have refrained since then and I'm back at work this week which should make things easier. We both work long shifts me early starts and him late finishes.

Not entirely sure I should be at work as it says no heavy lifting for 3-4 weeks too but what is heavy? I lift things that are heavy to some people all day at work.