Confused after Gyne appointment.

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Been having slight bleeding in discharge inbetween periods. Also had some leg and back pains. Convinced something is not right. Been back and forth to GPS but they insist it is cycle related. Had numerous examinations and they say all looks ok down there. Would cc be visible to the eye? Managed to get Gyne referal after many trips to drs. They also said all looked ok on examination but ordered pelvic and vaginal ultrasound. Results were normal. after appointment still felt worried about cc so went back to see a different Gyne consultant. She said the same again and thought it was uterine/cycle related. Cache noticed ectropion on cervix and cauterised it with silver nitrate. Can't help thinking this should have been checked properly. I asked for repeat smear but said thy were unable to as prev was less than 3 yrs ago. Do you think one of the drs would have picked something up by now. She also did uterine pipelle biopsy which still waiting results of. Do you think this would pick up if anything was wrong? Such a worrier this is driving me mad. 

Hi, I think it’s really good that they have done the biopsy as that should rule out cc for you.
Cc isn’t always visible to the naked eye in very early stage and sometimes can start further up inside the cervical canal- but the fact they have done the biopsy would pick it up.

Try not to worry too much, which is difficult I know, irregular bleeding does not mean cc but you have done the right thing by pushing to have it investigated.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you,


Hi Amanda, sorry you seem to be going back and forth. I don't really have any suitable advice as my experiance so far has been different to your's, i just didn't want to read and not reply.


Hhopefully somebody may come along who can help you soon. I am pretty sure your biopsy would pick up anything abnormal, hope that you get your answer's soon hun x x

Thanks for your comments guys, Every bit of info helps lol.  Although I am still worried as she didnt do a cervical biopsy. It was from my uterus lining. Would this still show any abnormalities? 



I think you’d need to give the hospital a call or speak to your gp to find out if it would show up any abnormalities in your cervix. Try and keep positive x

I agree with pegasus, give them a call tomorrow hunny put your mind more at ease, always here if you need to chat. Try not to over think things though until you speak to them let us know how you get on X x